Yolanda Lynes


Yolanda Lynes

Model Details

Gender Female
Age 30
Height 5ft 3in / 160cm
Bust 32"
Waist 24" / 61cm
Shoe 5
Hips 34 / 86.4cm
Eyes Green
Hair Blonde


Yolanda enjoys playing empowering female characters in film and breaking the typical young blonde stereotype; she trains in martial arts, close quarter combat, weapons and firearms and has experience in wirework and screen combat.
2020, Commercial, Hero, Playstation, Africa Film Services, Paul W S Anderson
2019, Commercial, Baby Shower Mom, Caesar, Blink Productions
2019, Commercial, Sports Model, Sculpt by Stone Image, Stone Image
2018, Commercial, Featured Model, Google Chromebook x Curry's, Curry's
2018, Commercial, Wife, Hoburn holidays Commercial, Hoburn
2018, Commercial, Model, Matrix SoColorCult, Matrix
2018, Commercial, Model, Tints of Nature, Tints of Nature
2017, Commercial, Model, Colourful Hair, L'Oréal Professionnel UK
2017, Commercial, Jane / Model, Joseph&Joseph, Spectrecom Films, Wil Griffiths
2017, Commercial, Jennifer, Lighter Life Fast, Etio, Jeremiah Quinn
2017, Commercial, Model, Lili Pearl Commercial, Lili Pearl, Chelsea Li
2017, Commercial, Model, Toys R Us Mashems and Fashems, Toys R Us
2017, Commercial, Rachel, Visit England, Visit England
2016, Commercial, Rachel, National Express - Television Ad, Koala, James Rees
2016, Commercial, Celebrity, Time Inc., Image Cleaver, Sam Smith
2015, Commercial, Nicola, Emma Cornes, Emma Cornes
2020, Feature Film, Undisclosed Character, Black Widow, Marvel, Cate Shortland
2020, Feature Film, Ally Maxwell, Knuckledust, Featuristic Films, James Kermack
2019, Film, Detective Sarah Howser, Devil In Me, James Kennedy
2018, Film, Kim, LoveYatri / Love Takes Over, Salman Khan Films, Abhiraj Minawala
2018, Film, Sofia, Zoku VR Series, TriForce Entertainment, Kara Kandarakis
2017, Feature Film, Amber's Mother, Amber, Amber Film Productions, David Newton
2017, Feature Film, Skater, Been So Long, Film4, Tinge Krishnan
2017, Feature Film, Arete, Order of Kings: The Dark Kingdom, High Fliers Films Plc, Simon Wells
2017, Film, Sasha, Agent Blade
2017, Film, Tina, Case Closed, Martial Club
2017, Film, Charlotte, Lockdown
2017, Film, Amelia, Zoku VR Series, Triforce Entertainment
2015, Feature Film, Mil, Sense, Image Cleaver, Samuel Smith

Ballet - Royal Academy of Dance, Michele Rose School of Ballet, Susan Zalchman Pineapple, Danceworks, Classical Ballet Grade 8 + Graded Vocational Examinations.
Hiphop & Locking - Pineapple, with John Graham, Calvin Francis, Brendon Hansford, Christina Andrea.
Contemporary Dance and Somatic Practice - Manny Emslie and Sarah Spies.

Martial Arts
Wing Chun Kung Fu - Grand Master Austin Goh in London, Malcolm Fazackerley and Linden Eastwood in Shropshire.
Cinematic Fight Scene Choreo and Screen Combat
 - XMA World Headquarters, North Hollywood, Blue Power Ranger, mike Chat. JAM (Joining All Movement), Los Angeles.
Tae Kwon Do
 - David Cheung, The Third Space.


Weaponry - Nunchucks (double nunchucks), bo staff, fire breathing, fire eating, body burning.



Accents & Dialects: Cheshire

Accents & Dialects: Essex

Accents & Dialects: French

Accents & Dialects: London

Accents & Dialects: Shropshire

Driving Licenses: Driving License

Languages: English

Music & Dance: Aerobics

Music & Dance: Ballet Dancing

Music & Dance: Contemporary Dance

Music & Dance: Hip Hop Dance

Music & Dance: Locking

Music & Dance: Piano

Music & Dance: Pointe

Music & Dance: Singer

Other Skills: Fire Eater

Other Skills: Fire Poi

Other Skills: Photographic Model

Other Skills: Pilates

Performance Skills: Musical Theatre

Performance Skills: Dancer-Professional

Sports: Abseiling

Sports: Boxing

Sports: Kick Boxing

Sports: Kung Fu

Sports: Martial Arts

Sports: Pilates

Sports: Stage Combat

Sports: Swimming

Sports: Tae Kwon Do

Sports: Yoga