Phoebe Robinson-Galvin


Phoebe Robinson-Galvin

Model Details

Gender Female
Age 31
Height 5ft 7in / 170cm
Bust 34"
Waist 29" / 73.7cm
Shoe 5
Hips 39 / 99.1cm
Eyes Blue
Hair Blonde




University of Chichester, BA Hons Dance, 3 years, 2008 - 2011

  2018, Feature Film, Ker, Blacksite, Tom Paton
2018, Feature Film, Elle Fanning Stunt Double, Teen Spirit, Max Minghella
2017, Commercial, Action Actress, Nicorett Commercial, Forturian Entertainment, Charlie Dennis
2017, Feature Film, Stunt Performer, Justice League, Zack Snyder
2017, Feature Film, Jinx, The Division, Jean Paul Ly
2017, Feature Film, Stunt Performer, Wonder Woman, Patty Jenkins
2012, Film, Army member, Edge of Tomrorrow, Doug Liman
2012, Film, Dancer, Furious 7, James Wan
2003, Film, Griffindor House member, Harry potter The Chamber of Secrets, Chris Columbus


Performance Skills: Dancer-Professional

Performance Skills: Voice Over

Music & Dance: African Dance-Contemporary

Music & Dance: Charleston

Music & Dance: Choreography

Music & Dance: Contemporary Dance

Music & Dance: Dance Captain

Music & Dance: Dancehall

Music & Dance: Freestyle Dance

Music & Dance: Jazz Dancing

Driving Licenses: Driving License

Driving Licenses: Precision Driver

Accents & Dialects: American-California

Accents & Dialects: American-Midwest

Accents & Dialects: RP

Other Skills: Acrobatics

Other Skills: Dance Teacher

Other Skills: Motion Capture

Sports: Archery

Sports: Athletics

Sports: Boxing

Sports: Judo

Sports: Kick Boxing

Sports: Martial Arts

Sports: ScubaDiving

Sports: Stage Combat

Sports: Surfing

Sports: Thai Boxing

Sports: Weight Training

Sports: Wrestling

Sports: Yoga

Driving Licenses: Driving License

Driving Licenses: Precision Driver