Julie Macauley


Julie Macauley

Model Details

Gender Female
Age 45
Height 5ft 7in / 170cm
Bust 36b"
Waist 30" / 76.2cm
Shoe 5
Hips 37 / 94cm
Dress Size 8/10
Eyes Brown
Hair Dark Brown


2010 Promo Film - Eczema
2010 Commercial  Tetley Tea
2010 Election Promo BBC
2007, Commercial, Main Character , Master Card, MacCann Erickson
2006, Commercial, Main Character, Royal Bank of Scotland, Faulds Aversting
2004, Television, Karen, Casualty, BBC Television
2000, Television, Moria Stewart, Alistair McGowans 2000 Impressions, BBC Vera Productions
1998, Television, Latifa, Brothers and Sisters, Hanson Television, Charlie Hanson
1996, Film, Courtier, Hamlet, Kenneth Branagh
1996, Television, Skids, Behind The Bike Sheds, Yorshire Television, Mike Moran
1996, Television, Lead Role, Crime Monthly, London Weekend Television


Driving Licenses: Driving License

Accents & Dialects: Caribbean

Accents & Dialects: Manx

Accents & Dialects: American-East Coast

Accents & Dialects: London

Performance Skills: Radio Presenting

Performance Skills: TV Presenting

Performance Skills: Disc Jockey

Sports: Swimming

Sports: Snooker

Sports: RollerSkating

Sports: Horse-riding

Music & Dance: Rock Singing

Music & Dance: Mezzo-Soprano

Music & Dance: R & B Singing

Music & Dance: Blues

Music & Dance: Alto

Music & Dance: Street Dance