Billy Ashworth


Billy Ashworth

Model Details

Gender Male
Age 25
Height 5ft 10in / 178cm
Chest 36" / 91.4cm
Waist 31" / 78.7cm
Shoe 10
Collar 15" / 38.1cm
Inside Leg 30" / 76.2cm
Eyes Hazel
Hair Brown


2013   “Son”  MTV Promo “Just Add Colour”Pete Ireland   MTV

2012  Lead”  Short HTC Documentary “The Parkour Experiment” Pretzel Films

2012 Lead” Short film “We Will Get There”  Pretzel Films

2012  “Lead”  Short film “Controller”Mahmut Akay   Pretzel Films

2012  Lead”   Short film “Those moments”Mahmut Akay    Pretzel Films

2012    “Zhen”  The Grandfathers” Robin Shillinglaw   Chickenshed Theatre (As part of The National Theatre Connections)

2011   Winston Smith 1984” Johnny Morton                     ChickenshedTheatre

2011 Percussionist”   “Just enough for the real world” Phil Knight   JEFTRW                                             

2011    Spider” The Kings Web” Johnny Morton         ChickenshedTheatre

2011  Worker” “Badjelly’s bad xmas” Louise Perry       ChickenshedTheatre

2010  Oberon Fairy” A Midsummer Night’s Dream” Mary Ward ChickenshedTheatre

2009  School Boy” “Pinocchio” Louise Perry ChickenshedTheatre


Sports: Trampoline

Driving Licenses: Driving License

Accents & Dialects: American-Standard

Accents & Dialects: Australian

Accents & Dialects: Birmingham

Accents & Dialects: Cockney

Accents & Dialects: Essex

Accents & Dialects: French

Accents & Dialects: German

Accents & Dialects: Irish RP

Accents & Dialects: Sheffield

Accents & Dialects: Yorkshire

Music & Dance: Bongo Drums

Music & Dance: Drums-Congas

Music & Dance: Singer

Other Skills: Acrobatics

Sports: Free Running/Parkour

Other Skills: Improvisation

Performance Skills: Childrens Theatre

Performance Skills: Comedy

Performance Skills: Musical Theatre

Performance Skills: Outdoor Performances

Performance Skills: Physical Theatre

Performance Skills: TV Presenting