David Cheung


David Cheung

Model Details

Gender Male
Age 30
Height 5ft 10in / 178cm
Chest 40" / 101.6cm
Waist 32" / 81.3cm
Shoe 8
Collar 15" / 38.1cm
Inside Leg 32" / 81.3cm
Eyes Brown
Hair Black


David Cheung is a London based action actor and martial arts champion. 

David first began performing at the age of 12 and his career has gone from strength to strength. His recent work includes such roles as Agent Coles in 'Street Fighter Ressurection' and also acting alongside Johnny Depp in 'Mortdecai'. David is also starring as 'Dreadlocks' in Taylor Lautner's new BBC TV series 'Cuckoo'.

He is also directing his first feature film 'The Real Target' which is scheduled for release 2017.

2015TelevisionWu Li Dreadlocks GuyCUCKOORoughcut TVPaul Murphy
2015FilmRight Hand ManMORTDECAIDavid Koepp
2014FilmC.i.a Tact Agent 624 LIVE ANOTHER DAYJon Cassar
2013Feature FilmThugMONTANAMoli FilmsMo Ali
2013Feature FilmYi Boat DriverSKYFALLMGMSam Mendes
2013FilmZEDLEAGUE OF LEGENDS FILMMachinimaK&K Productions
2013FilmDaveMARTIAL ARTS VS ZOMBIESKandK ProductionsHarry Kirby and George Kirby
Feature FilmSamurai Ronin47 RONINUniversal PicturesCarl Rinsch
Feature FilmTony's ThugHUMMINGBIRDIM GlobalSteven Knight
Feature FilmSuperhero FighterKICK ASS 2Universal PicturesJeff Wadlow

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James Bond Skyfall –  2011 /2012 •

Holby City – October 2011 / January 2012 •

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 The Human Element Film: http://thehumanelementfilm.com/the-human-element-film/

Dragonball Z Saiyan Saga Live Action Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vx-E9pzOFPM

 Jamie Olivers Food Fight Club: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kRcl0IZ67ro

Dragon Ball Z Saiyan Saga (K&K Productions) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2gnucUwj7ug





Accents & Dialects: American-Standard

Accents & Dialects: London

Accents & Dialects: Irish-Northern

Accents & Dialects: Japanese

Accents & Dialects: Chinese

Driving Licenses: Driving License

Languages: Chinese

Languages: Mandarin

Languages: English

Music & Dance: Ballroom Dancing

Music & Dance: Break Dancing

Music & Dance: Cha Cha

Music & Dance: Chinese Dance

Music & Dance: Contemporary Dance

Music & Dance: Freestyle Dance

Music & Dance: Hip Hop Dance

Music & Dance: Keyboards

Other Skills: Acrobatics

Other Skills: Computer Literate

Other Skills: Fire Staff

Other Skills: Military Experience

Other Skills: Photographic Model

Other Skills: Translator

Performance Skills: Outdoor Performances

Sports: Gymnastics

Sports: Horse-riding

Sports: Aikido

Sports: Athletics

Sports: Archery

Sports: Basketball

Sports: Baseball

Sports: Boxing

Sports: Football

Sports: Free Running/Parkour

Sports: Golf

Sports: Judo

Sports: Ice Skating

Sports: Ice Hockey

Sports: Karting

Sports: Kendo

Sports: Kick Boxing

Sports: Kung Fu

Sports: Martial Arts

Sports: Rollerblading

Sports: Rugby

Sports: Running

Sports: ScubaDiving

Sports: Shooting

Sports: Skateboarding

Sports: Stage Combat

Sports: Swimming

Sports: Table Tennis

Sports: Tae Kwon Do

Sports: Tai-Chi

Sports: Thai Boxing

Sports: Volleyball

Sports: Triathlon

Sports: Wrestling

Sports: Weight Training

Sports: Water Polo

Sports: Water Skiing

Sports: Wind Surfing

Sports: Yoga

Sports: Trampoline

Sports: Swimming