Dajla Lalia


Dajla Lalia

Model Details

Gender Female
Age 47
Height 5ft 8in / 173cm
Bust 36B"
Waist 29" / 73.7cm
Shoe 7
Hips 39 / 99.1cm
Eyes Dark Brown
Hair Dark Brown


Bass player,

Piano player

Singer songwriter -also known as "Dajla The WHite Tiger" - means River Tigris in Turkey and Iraq!

Released two albums - "Soul Poetry" and "The Meaning of Life



Music & Dance: Blues

Music & Dance: Cabaret Singing

Music & Dance: Freestyle Dance

Music & Dance: Guitar-Electric

Music & Dance: Jazz Singing

Music & Dance: Piano

Music & Dance: R & B Singing

Music & Dance: Singer

Music & Dance: Singer-Songwriter

Music & Dance: Keyboards

Languages: English

Languages: French

Languages: Spanish

Sports: Thai Boxing