Alexa Povah


Alexa Povah

Model Details

Gender Female
Age 64
Height 5ft 6in / 168cm
Bust 36B"
Waist 29 inches" / 73.7cm
Shoe 6
Hips 38 inches / 96.5cm
Eyes Light Blue
Hair Blonde


Theatre:Classics,comedy,Pantomime,Musicals. T.V

The Bill ,

Crossroads 1981-1988

Presenting "Lets Pretend" for Central TV Films:

Beyond Fear, Willie's War, Love and Other Disasters Adverts:



Bird's Eye,

Toffee Crisp,

Pepto Bismol

Training Films

: Corporate live performance,

Voice Over,

Role play 

Radio work BBC and local radio

Modelling (many years ago!) catwalk and photographic

Creating Own company for Brighton festival Fringe performing "Skirmishes" a play by Catherine Hayes 2014

Florence Foster Jenkins Film playing a Verdi Lady (July 2015)


Driving Licenses: Driving License

Accents & Dialects: RP

Accents & Dialects: Somerset

Performance Skills: Audio Drama

Performance Skills: Comedy

Performance Skills: Live Roleplay

Performance Skills: Musical Theatre

Performance Skills: TV Presenting

Performance Skills: Voice Over

Performance Skills: Repertory

Performance Skills: Role Play

Sports: Netball

Sports: Pilates

Sports: Rowing

Sports: Table Tennis

Sports: Tennis

Music & Dance: Waltz

Music & Dance: Gospel Singing

Music & Dance: Quick Step

Music & Dance: Polka

Music & Dance: Soprano

Music & Dance: Period Dancing

Languages: English

Languages: Sign Language

Languages: Spanish