Adrian Naidas


Adrian Naidas

Model Details

Gender Male
Age 35
Height 5ft 3in / 160cm
Chest 36" / 91.4cm
Waist 31" / 78.7cm
Shoe 7.5
Collar 15" / 38.1cm
Inside Leg 29" / 73.7cm
Eyes Dark Brown
Hair Black


Screen Combatant – Dancer – Model – Actor
Nationality/Heritage: British born Filipino D.O.B/Age: 21-04-86
Beard: Long/Black
Industry Credits
2015 Minecon Excel London – Circue Bijou – LED (Dancer)
Curse of Hendon – Feature Fim (Dialogue/Stunt/SPAC)
Now You See Me 2 – Feature Film (Kitchen SPAC)
2014 Cirque Bijou – LED – Malta 40 Year ndependance Anniversary (Dancer)
Argos – Bronco Armchair Commercial (Featured Model)
Pan – Feature Film – (SPAC & core Blackbeard Pirate)
The Interceptor – (SPAC)
Ancient Black Ops – (Stunt performer / Fight arranger / Fight trainer)
The Yesterday Channel Documentary
Babylon – (SPAC)
24 – Live Another Day (SPAC)
2013 Coca-Cola – Commercial (Featured Character)
British Action Academy – Warrior Masterclass (Advanced Screen Combatant)
Maryland – Jack Ryan – Feature Film (S.A)
An Amateur Production – Short Independent (Featured Actor)
Gatwick Gangsters – Independent (S.A.)
Avatar – Nations at War – Live Action Teaser (Featured Character)
K&K Productions
League Of Legends - Shadow fall – Live Action (Stunts)
K&K Productions
Insane Office Escape – Star Wars Edition (Stunts)
K&K Productions
Zombies vs Martial Arts – Short Film (Stunts)
K&K Productions
2012 Yamla Pagla Deewana 2 – Bollywood Feature
(Stunt Performer – Fighting/High Falling/Wire work)
Empress – Perplexed Again – Music Video (Tengu Stunts)
Kick Ass 2 – TMC (SPAC)
Thor 2 – Vanir Man (SPAC)
Malaysian Dance Game Viral – Party Person (S.A.)
Intel Photographic – Featured Friend of Breakdancer (Model)
2011 Ayumi Hamasaki – Music Video (Featured Dancer)
Little Big Planet Vita – Feature Floating Character (Float Performer)
47 Ronin – Feature Film (SPAC)
2010 Dance Workshop Warsaw Poland – Teacher (Popping & Boogaloo)
Bollywood Feature 'Thilu Mullu' – Backing Dancer
Documentary 'UK Streetdance' – Featured Interview
UK B-Boy Championships 2010 – Stills (Dancer/Model)
Fashion: New Era & Armory
Wiezyca Poland 'Popping & Locking Dance Camp' - Teacher
Tasha Kenny 'Oh! What you did' – Music Video (Featured Dancer)
Cadbury's '2012 Olympics Campaign' – Commercial/Stills/Internet Viral
Monarchy 'Love get out of my way' – Music Video (Featured Dancer)
Director: James Price
B-Stitch 'Clothing-Line'– Fashion Show (Model/Dancer)
Ayumi Hamazaki 'Sexy Little Things' – Music Video (Featured Dancer)
Director: Muto Masashi
2009 IMAX 'Avatar Launch Screening' – Avatar Model & Opening Speech
Lynx 'Twist' – Internet Viral (Party Extra)
Heros: Keeley Hazell & Blake Harrison
Example 'Who'd have known' – Music Video (Featured Dancer)
Director: James Slayter
Blackberry 'Do What You Love' – Commercial (Walk-on Dancer)
Adidas Originals – Internet viral (Featured 'running' character)
Director: Nima Nourizadeh
Adidas Originals – Commercial (Dancer)
Director: Nima Nourizadeh
Adidas Originals – Stills Campaign (Model)
Photographer: Ari Marcopoulos
Street Dance 3D – Feature Film (Club dancer & Record store DJ)
Private Wedding Hire – Popping Showcase
Barking Town Hall Dance Festival – Popping Showcase
Brixton Jamm 'Event Against Gun/Knife Crime' – Popping Showcase
Dance Workshop Bordeaux France 'Stage Danse Debout' – Teacher (Popping)
Dance Workshop Poznan Poland – Teacher (Popping Animation Boogaloo)
The Infidel – Feature Film (Dancer body double)
Director: Josh Appignanesi
Sub Focus 'Rock it' – Music Video (Dancing, Fight Scene, Yeti Creature
Director: Henry Scholfield Featured character)
2008 Sophie Delila 'Nature of a Crime' – Music Video (Mob Extra)
Director: Earle Sebastian
Shoreditch Festival – IP Dancer/Choreographer
Dagenham Town Show – IP Dancer/Choreographer
Barking Festival – IP Dancer/Choreographer
Breakin' Convention – UDP Dancer/Choreographer
Incognito 'I've been waiting' – Music Video (Backing Dancer)
Director: Jel Groman
Choreographer: Jeffrey Daniels
2007 Nike – Stills (Dancer / Model)
Photographer: Klaus Thymann
2005 Lady Soverign 'Blah Blah' – Music video - Featured Dancer &
Director: Alex More Featured Lip sync
2010 'The Notorious IBE' – Top 16
2010 'The Resolve Battle Germany' Popping Solo - Quarter Finals
2010 'R16' Paris Qualification Popping Solo – Top 16
2010 'The Styles Crash Poland' Popping Solo – Semi Finals
2010 'Euro Battle Portugal' Popping Solo – Quarter Finals
2010 'Stylefest 2010 Popping Solo – Finals
2010 'iDance UK Hip-Hop Champs' Popping Solo – Competition Winner
2010 'Throwdown' Popping 7-to-Smoke – Competition Winner
2009 'Whot U Got' Popping Solo – Competition Winner
2009 'FunkTrap / What's Happenin' London' Popping Solo – Competition Winner
2009 Sony Ericsson 'UK Bboy/Popping Championships' – UK Representative


Music & Dance: Body Popping

Music & Dance: Guitar

Music & Dance: Drums

Music & Dance: Hip Hop Dance

Driving Licenses: Driving License

Performance Skills: Dancer-Professional

Sports: Archery

Sports: Boxing

Sports: Fencing

Sports: Karate

Sports: Rollerblading

Sports: RollerSkating

Sports: Tai-Chi

Sports: Thai Boxing

Other Skills: Acrobatics