Modeling Information

Today there is a lot more to modelling than just looks. The artists on fabnewfaces books cover a wide range of looks, ages and backgrounds. Some models we take for their looks, some for acting ability, strength of character and personality. Others their Talent - Dancers, Sports, Musicians.

The one thing that all potential models must have, is enthusiasm and a desire to join fabnewfaces. With some people, it is obvious that they are uncomfortable or embarrassed working in front of the camera. If this is you, it really would not make sense you wanting to join.

Any level of success involves commitment and patience. Artists can attend lots of auditions before ever getting a job. Most auditions take place in central London and are normally arranged at very short notice often the afternoon before, sometimes even the same day, so you need to be flexible in your timetable, professional and reliable.

The industry is extremely competitive. From the many applications received, only a small percentage will get taken on our books. Every application, is looked at with great consideration. Adults, please do not send pictures older than 3 months.

Children change and grow very quickly, so constant updating is important, especially babies. You must keep us up to date with heights etc.

Once an artist is registered with fabnewfaces, it is important to have good quality photographs. These pictures are what Clients see before you are even requested to a casting. So the better the picture - the better your chances.

We are happy to use the pictures you provide if the quality is good enough. If it is needed, we will arrange a photo shoot for you. At very reasonable rates. Please always ask.

Clients arrange casting sessions so that they can select the individual/s that is right for their product/film/commercial/magazine. You will have been selected to go to the casting from being submitted by fabnewfaces.

Some castings will simply be in and out, with your picture being taken. Others, will involve some acting with dialogue, and be put on film. Clients know what they are looking for.

Clients always expect confidence and enthusiasm. Castings can be arranged, anytime from a few days before - or even the same day, we don't always get much notice. It is really important that you have a flexible timetable, patience and humour to cope with castings.

Models will be competing with other models from different agencies as well as one another. At some castings the client will try and stick to appointment times, and be organised, other castings may have lots of people, waiting to be seen for the same role.

Clients are always looking for fresh faces, new looks; some models work steadily, others occasionally and some may never be called for an audition.

Unfortunately, no agent can guarantee work, only that the artists face will be seen by the right people in the industry.